Pet Policy

Allegiant Air Pet Policy +1 (702) 761-4171        

Pets are accepted on flights in the passenger cabin. All pets must be in an FAA-approved carrier that fits under the seat passenger travelling with pets will not be seated in exit rows or one row before or after the exit row. For support regarding allegiant air pet policy call allegiant air customer service number at +1 (702) 761-4171.

Allegiant airline allowed domestic cats and dogs, and it allows you to travel with them without encountering any serious notes. Your pet just needs to be accompanied by a certificate of good health and your pet is transported in an approved pet carrier.

Pets in the Cabin

Small dogs and cats can accompany their owners in the cabin of Allegiant flights if the combined weight of the pet and carrier does not exceed 22lbs. Each passenger is permitted to bring 1 carrier on board and only 1 pet is permitted in each carrier. For more details about allegiant air pet policy call allegiant air customer service at +1 (702) 761-4171.

Pets in checked baggage

Pets who exceed the weight limit to travel in the cabin with Allegiant may be accepted for transport as checked baggage instead. The maximum combined weight of the pet and carrier should not exceed 99lbs to travel in this manner. Call +1 (702) 761-4171 for more support regarding allegiant air pet poicy.

Transportation rules for the pet travelling Allegiant Air pet policy

• All animals must be at least 8 weeks of age and the passenger accompanying them is must be 15 years old.

• Your pet should be medically fit and you may ask for a health certificate at the airport.

• Only domestic pets are allowed and permitted to travel in the passenger cabin.

• Pet carrier must be clean and not larger than 9×6×19 in dimension.

• More than two pets per carrier are not allowed.
The pets must be able to turn and stand inside the carrier.

• Your pet must have no problem in remaining in its kennel and under the seat throughout the flight.

• Pets can't be ill, violent or in physical Distress.

• All animals are required to be harmless.

• You will have to arrive at the airport at least 44 minutes before the scheduled departure to check in with your pet.

Allegiant Airline pet travelling fees

If your pet is travelling as a carry-on, you need to pay a fee of $100 Per segment per carrier. You can pay this fee as an advance at the time of booking your ticket or when checking in at the airport with your pet Allegiant airline's pet carrier charges are pretty standard when compared to many other airlines.

Call Allegiant Air Customer Service Number at +1 (702) 761-4171.