Flight Cancellation

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Can't travel to your booked flight due to any specific reasons? The only option that remains in front of you is flight cancellation. Allegiant Airlines provide ticket cancellation facilities where you can simply cancel the flight that you've booked on Allegiant Airlines. But be

Allegiant Flight Cancellation

fore that, you would need to know Allegiant airline Cancellation policy which is very important to know before making a cancellation request. Call allegiant air customer service number at +1 (702) 761-4171 to know more about allegiant flight cancellation.

• Passenger is allowed to make a cancellation request within 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the Flight.

• There is no cancellation fee if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours because Allegiant Airlines Cancellation policy 24 hours allow the passenger to cancel a flight Without any penalty.

• After canceling a flight, passengers can also request a refund through online mode.

Allegiant Airlines cancellation of an award ticket

Canceling an award ticket follows the same fee structure as cash tickets. If you've purchased trip flex with your award ticket then you will not be charged a fee to change or cancel your award ticket, otherwise, you must pay $75 per passenger per segment.

However, if you booked your flight with points and decide that you need to cancel, unfortunately, you will not receive those points back. Instead of having those points redeposited in your account, you will receive a credit voucher issued for the reward itinerary value.

How to cancel Allegiant airline Flight Tickets

• Log into your account on Allegiant's homepage and select  Manage travel.

• Once you've selected the trip you want to cancel, select cancel booking.

• The next screen will ask you to confirm that you want to cancel Your booking after you click confirm then your booking will officially be canceled and you'll receive a voucher for any remaining funds after any potential cancellation fee.

Allegiant Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy  

If you have booked your flight ticket in advance and willing to cancel a flight ticket online. when you need to cancel your flight ticket online then you should check out the website of Allegiant airline booking which is available for Booking a cancel the flight ticket online. For instant support about allegiant flight cancellation call at +1 (702) 761-4171. Allegiant airline Cancellation within 24 hours can be done of purchase this type of cancellation is eligible for a full refund. You don't have to pay if you can cancel the flight ticket without paying any penny.  The 24 hours cancellation policy Are the same for all categories. In case if the ticket cancellation charges are lower than the booking ticket price you'd get a $10 voucher. You can utilize this voucher For future bookings. To know more about allegiant flight cancellation call allegiant air customer service number at +1 (702) 761-4171.

Allegiant Airline Flight cancellation Fee

• Change fee $75 per person ( must be made at least 7 days before departure)

• Cancellation fee $75 ( must be made at least 7 days before departure)

In case you have any other query regarding the Allegiant Airline change flight, Allegiant flight cancellation, or refund then you can contact the allegiant air customer service number and get instant and reliable assistance on multiple queries about Allegiant flight cancellation.