Pet Policy

Allegiant pet policy

Thinking of flying Allegiant and taking your dog with you for the journey? The good news is Allegiant pet policy allows small dogs and pets in the cabin on flights within 48 US states.

Just like another Allegiant also includes a range of terms and conditions-

Allegiant Pet Policy traveling conditionsAllegiant pet policy

• All animals must be at least 8 weeks of age and the passenger accompanying them is must be 15 years old.

• Your pet should be medically fit and you may ask for a health certificate at the airport.

• Only domestic pets are allowed and permitted to travel in the passenger cabin.

• Pet carrier must be clean and not larger than 9×6×19 in dimension.

• More than two pets per carrier are not allowed.
The pets must be able to turn and stand inside the carrier.

• Your pet must have no problem in remaining in its kennel and under the seat throughout the flight.

• Pets can't be ill, violent, or in physical Distress.

• All animals are required to be harmless.

• You will have to arrive at the airport at least 44 minutes before the scheduled departure to check in with your pet.

Booking procedure and fees on Allegiant pet policy  

Please note that if you want to fly with your dog on Allegiant, you need to pay a fee of $100 Per segment per carrier. You can pay this fee as an advance at the time of booking your ticket or when checking in at the airport with your pet. However, these fees don't apply to service animals and passengers with disabilities. Allegiant pet policy carrier charges are pretty standard when compared to many others.

Health requirements and documents

Your dog won't require a health certificate to fly in the cabin with you on Allegiant. However, your dog must not be ill or aggressive, have an odor, or show signs of physical distress.

Before making a booking it's worth taking your pet r for a check-up to make sure it's perfectly safe for them to fly with you. Allegiant makes it clear in the terms and conditions that the doesn't assume any responsibility for the health of pets in the airplane cabin.

Pet must fit comfortably in the carrier and may not protrude from the carrier.

All the pets traveling with Allegiant cabin must be kept safe in a kennel that is specially made for animal carriage, is leak-proof.

The kennel must match the size guideline of 9*16*19 inches in height*width*depth.

Other restrictions and things to take note of
We can deny or refuse to transport a pet for the following reasons:

In case the pet is going through any sort of illness.
Aggressive behavior of the pet.
Poor kenneling, and
Extreme temperatures at the destination, origin, or transfer airports.

Extra rules and regulations may be applied for international travel.