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Flying with minors is a real adventure. Parents only know how difficult it is to travel with young children and handle them during the entire duration of their journey. When it comes to fly with Allegiant airline making reservation for children isn't complicated with the hassle-free Allegiant airline minor policy. You just need to know the rules and regulations about the booking of minors. To know more about unaccompanied minor services call allegiant air customer service number at +1 (702) 761-4171.

Unaccompanied Minor Services

Airlines have so many policies when it comes to children flying alone under the designation of an unaccompanied minor.

There can be many reasons when your child needs to fly as an unaccompanied minor. That tea, sons may include visiting their grandparents, attending summer camp.

The children that travel without an adult, parent, or legal guardian are called unaccompanied minors.

If your child is going to travel alone, we are here to make sure they enjoy their trip and are well taken care of throughout their journey.

Allegiant airline seat reservation process

Allegiant airlines try its best to accommodate families but don't guarantee the availability of seats when travelling together. To make sure that the family or group is seated together, advance seat assignment needs to be reserved at the time of booking an Allegiant airline ticket for travel. This can also be done during online or mobile check-in. Contact allegiant air customer service number at +1 (702) 761-4171 to get instant support regarding unaccompanied minor services.

Age Criteria and eligibility to qualify as an Unaccompanied Minor 

Only the children between the age of 15 or older are allowed to travel alone but children ageing 14 or younger are to be accompanied by a responsible adult and that adult should be at least 15 years old.

Rules and restrictions for unaccompanied minor service

only 10 unaccompanied minor will be accepted per flight.

The adult responsible for the minor must accompany the minor to the counter at the origin of the destination airport.

The adult responsible for the minor must check with the department of immigration in the countries of origin in regards to requirements or permit required for the minor's entry and exit.



Contact our Allegiant Airline customer care number at+1 (702) 761-4171 for fees related queries or unaccompanied minor services.
The minors service is not available on flights to and from Allegiant destinations.