Unaccompanied Minor

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Airlines have different policies and fees when it comes to children flying alone under the designation of an unaccompanied minor The children that without a parent or an adult is called unaccompanied minor

If you're planning for your child to travel alone, we are here to make sure they enjoy their trip and are well taken care of throughout their journey.

When you book Allegiant Airway's unaccompanied minor service, your child will be received at the originating airport, taken care of during transit, and while onboard the aircraft.

The majority offers various services to assist such children from the time of departure to reach the final destination.

what does Allegiant Airline say?

It's best to contact them to ask them if kids need id to fly, most of them allow kids with adults to board the plane. However, if the children are getting a discount they may be asked to show the identification to their actual age. This case is not with the smaller kids but if your child is closer to 18 then you may want to get them a passport or at least a birth certificate.

 Age criteria for an unaccompanied minor  

Only children between the age of 15 or older are allowed to travel alone. However, children aging 14 or younger, are to be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

And the adult must be at least 15 years old.
Note: Children ranging within the age of 5 years will not be allowed to travel with us unless accompanied by an adult.

Seating for infants or children-

Small children weighing under 40 pounds should be secured in an FAA-approved car seat or harness type device when traveling by air.

Fee for an unaccompanied minor

Contact our customer support number at+1 (702) 765-4833 for fees related queries.


The minors service is not available on flights to and from Allegiant destinations.
How to avail of the service?
You cannot book this service by calling. Call our Allegiant Reservation desk at +1(702)765-4833 to book.